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Feb 3 2012
On My Mind 38,018 VIEWS

On My Mind

If we don’t get 100K “likes” Flippy will take us out on a date!!! Nobody comes back from a date with Flippy!!!

Jan 29 2010
Blind Date – Blurb 7,854 VIEWS

Blind Date – Blurb

When the Mole puts the moves on, everyone gets blinded by love!

Jan 5 2010
We’re Scrooged – Blurb 6,007 VIEWS

We’re Scrooged – Blurb

Blurb strikes again! Cozy up next to a warm fire with a cup of hot coco and enjoy more crazy factoids, random musings and insane chatter about everything and anything all while watching a classic holiday episode!

Dec 16 2009
Chill Kringle 7,291 VIEWS

Chill Kringle

Dont get left out in the cold this holiday season. Send a Kringle to someone and warm your heart!