Hate Mail

Mar 20 2009
Hate Mail

Find out why Happy Tree Friends are everything thats wrong with the world. Why just read the nasty comments when you can see real live people trying to pronounce clever misspelled criticism.



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  • Silver says:

    I know I am a little late in posting this… but it is the viewer’s responsibility on what they watch. If they hate the show that much… just STOP WATCHING IT ALL TOGETHER!

    Also… this show is not for little children, especially those who cannot handle blood and violence.

    You have to remember: No two people like the same thing.

  • suskarda223 suskarda223 says:

    who cares about opinions of others?! we just love this show and if someone do not like it that doesn’t mean that this show is bad or horrible :D someone loves hearts and puppies and someone loves blood and killing :D

  • Edgar says:

    Oh come on! everyone knows this show is the best! it’s incredible the number of people who hate it, but making a bloody show doesn’t make anyone sick or something like that, you, the creators and voices of the show, are amazing! I really love the show and honestly can’t stop watching it, eating my snacks and drinking my soda and watching Happy Tree Friends makes my day!

  • Sowhat10e Sowhat10e says:

    Those people are retarted and ghetto who gives 2 f#cks about what violence is, sooner or later when your child will be 20 and already be watching violence, so whaz the point of the letters, i mean like saying u want something banned like happy tree friends is like saying all T.V.’s in the world be banned and destroyed and never to be used again. So people out in the world who hates happy tree friends( which none care who hate it) i suggest u think and have brain IQ before you write please and thank u. PS AM 12


  • LegoLachie says:

    why do so much people hate the best show ever on youtube? well for those who hate the show………F##K YOU AND GO TO HELL D!CKFACE

  • ying_2012 says:

    Well,these people were just showing how stupid and silly they’re by sending hate mails.You can choose to watch it or not and not every children will do everything they see on television.

  • Ellie Ellie says:

    So many people don’t appreciate the black humor… I’m sorry for them because THIS is what the future’s bringing!

  • BVB Army101 daisylove says:

    the guy who said he hates hes a tree hugger/animal lover said the show disgusts him. his teeth disgust me and his voice.

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