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Nov 9 2012
Epic Comments

This poignant, excruciatingly detailed, well-composed review of “Happy Tree Friends” was pulled from a recent issue of The New York Times. Wait…no. The internet. It was pulled off of the internet. Everyone should be slow clapping right now.



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  • Gage says:

    Well if they make a series out of this I watch this. It make a good series and it should be a show. I give it a 4.3 out of 5

  • HTF is not trash! to me that is… i think the animals are cute! especially flippy! i also love horror, and all this. its like bringing, cuteness and horror, and combining it, and there you have happy tree friends! its creative and very epic in a lot of ways! this show deserves more than hate. but maybe at least they can put a warning sign of what it contains before the video plays, so then it wouldn’t get that much hate. but i guess you guys like to fool people. so go ahead do that, its your show.

    you guys did a good job making this show. i don’t care what other people say, i think your show is awesome. i used to be really scared of this show, but then i started liking it and then i got obsessed with it. but then i stopped watching it for a while, now i just got back to watching it. and i know it was totally worth it coming back. :)

  • Michael says:

    So, he complains that he was surprised at the gore, and that you “have the nerve” to put a warning on it??

  • Charles Charles says:

    And the Emmy goes too…whoever came up with THAT! Seriously, the animation of this is awesome. You guys took a whiny little comment and made a big joke out of it. I admire people like that. My praise to Mondo Media. You guys rock!

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