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Dec 23 2013
Wild Wild World 1 4,872 VIEWS

Wild Wild World 1

Red and Yellow go into cocoons to becomes butterflies. With beautiful wings, they finally get out of the sewer and meet the real world. But the world seems really hard on our little butterflies.

Nov 15 2013
Fire 4,238 VIEWS
Nov 14 2013
Diving 4,152 VIEWS
Oct 14 2013
Electronic Shock 5,850 VIEWS

Electronic Shock

Dangerous power lines fall into the sewer, electricity flowing through them. Our friends are in danger. Who can save everyone?

Oct 7 2013
Swan Lake 5,372 VIEWS

Swan Lake

Jelly does a lovely performance on ice of Red and Yellow vs. Brown and Black. Who will win Jelly?

Jul 8 2013
Larva – Toy Car 12,724 VIEWS

Larva – Toy Car

Red and Yellow find a remote-control toy car and have fun playing with it. But during the exciting race, they accidentally hit Black. Oops. Are Red and Yellow safe with angry Black around?

Jun 30 2013
Larvatar 2 12,231 VIEWS

Larvatar 2

It’s Red and Yellow once again as characters from “Avatar.”

Jun 21 2013
Quick Sand 13,830 VIEWS

Quick Sand

A monster lives underground and when anyone comes near it, it opens its mouth and gobbles up anything nearby. Yellow gets swallowed and Red is about to get swallowed too.

Jun 10 2013
Alien 11,868 VIEWS


A little prince from another planet accidentally falls down into the sewer. He has amazing powers that Red wants to use to his benefit! Will Red get what he wants with these powers?

Jun 4 2013
Chili Show 11,100 VIEWS

Chili Show

Red and Yellow discover fruit that looks delicious. Will they be able to feast on it?

May 28 2013
Typhoon 2 10,917 VIEWS

Typhoon 2

A strong wind blows into the sewer. Yellow and Red take cover by leaning on a board. Will they get blown away?

May 22 2013
Hair-growth Solution 2 9,840 VIEWS

Hair-growth Solution 2

Hair growth solution gets into Yellow’s nose, so Yellow’s nose hair sprouts. Red sees this and wants nose hair like Yellow’s.

May 14 2013
Bottle 11,113 VIEWS


On a very hot sunny day, Red and Yellow find a bottle with some water in it. Soon they get trapped inside. Can they escape?

May 11 2013
Hand 7,722 VIEWS


A ring falls into the sewer and a human hand appears, searching for it. The ring is stuck on Pink’s head! Can Yellow and Red save Pink from the very strong hand?

May 7 2013
Chick 2 9,380 VIEWS

Chick 2

The chick Yellow has adopted is too big for the sewer and everyone wants it gone. What’s Yellow to do?

Apr 30 2013
Chick 1 8,050 VIEWS

Chick 1

From a big egg, soft and worm chick has born. Yellow raise it as a mother but, his is too big for sewage. In the end, all other friends want to evict his baby! What is yellow going to do?

Apr 23 2013
Super Liquid 10,471 VIEWS

Super Liquid

Green liquid fall down to Red and Yellow. But something weird happens, they are incredibly strong now!

Apr 16 2013
Rope 10,406 VIEWS


A cross a steep cliff, there is a sausage. The only way to get it is just a rope, and so rivals. Who would be the first one who will get the sausage.

Apr 5 2013
Scary Night 12,056 VIEWS

Scary Night

Red, sleeping alone hears something terrible and scary! Where does this noise come from!! Red tries to find the source the noise, but, where is Yellow?

Mar 28 2013
Bee 2 10,853 VIEWS

Bee 2

Honey is yummy!! Our little friend Bee is making the honey as always. Red and Yellow have a good idea to taste the honey……

Mar 23 2013
Grape 13,178 VIEWS


Red and Yellow find bunch of grapes on the vine and try to get it. Black finds it as well but Red and Yellow obstruct Black with grape seeds, he gets angry. Could Red and Yellow be safe?