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Videos - Love Bites

Feb 3 2012
On My Mind 38,039 VIEWS

On My Mind

If we don’t get 100K “likes” Flippy will take us out on a date!!! Nobody comes back from a date with Flippy!!!

Feb 10 2009
I Heart U 11,156 VIEWS

I Heart U

Silence makes the heart grow fonder in this Happy Tree Friends: Love Bites short!

Feb 9 2009
Sea of Love 7,911 VIEWS

Sea of Love

If this boats a-rockin dont come a-knockin! Watch the second Love Bites short, Sea Of Love and prepare to fall in love all over again!

Jan 29 2009
Cold Hearted 9,719 VIEWS

Cold Hearted

The first of the new anti-valentine greetings.