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Videos - Behind The Scenes

Jul 24 2012
Live Stream Chat! (Previously Recorded) 10,649 VIEWS

Live Stream Chat! (Previously Recorded)

Kenn, Ken and Warren spent an hour answering HTF fan questions on a live stream. Check out the good time and find out what their favorite episodes are, who’s their favorite characters, and which one is bald.

Jul 7 2009
Under the Skin 4,774 VIEWS

Under the Skin

Peel back the layers and take a look at how it all started in this behind-the-scene documentary! Relive all the drama, the blood, the sweat, the tears and the candy!

Mar 30 2009
Voices of Doom 7,268 VIEWS

Voices of Doom

Ever wonder what the characters behind the characters were like? The smooth vocal stylings of the HTF voice talent that have mouthed a million mutilations will strike a chord as we find out how they deal with the fame that comes from screaming bloody murder.

Mar 20 2009
Hate Mail 5,561 VIEWS

Hate Mail

Find out why Happy Tree Friends are everything thats wrong with the world. Why just read the nasty comments when you can see real live people trying to pronounce clever misspelled criticism.