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Feb 13 2013
Valentine’s Day 7,462 VIEWS

Valentine’s Day

For all you lonely gamers out there, here’s a little song to brighten up your Valentine’s Day. Featuring: Cortana, Lara Croft, Chung-Li, Princess Peach and much more in all the titty-lating details.

Feb 6 2013
Metal Gear Rising 2,881 VIEWS

Metal Gear Rising

This week, GameStain takes a look at Metal Gear Rising: Revengance! The revenge of vengeance! Or is it the re-revenge of the already revenged revengance?

Jan 30 2013
Dead Space 3 4,584 VIEWS

Dead Space 3

GameStain takes an exclusive look at the Dead Space 3 Weapon’s Crafting Bench and crafts some super fabulous weapons of mass comedic distraction. If you think the Jesus & Mary Chain Gun looks sick – you should try the Munchie Blaster or the Hipster Musket.

Jan 22 2013
Minecraft 7,119 VIEWS


Throw your lighters up and watch this red hot rap tribute to the most explosive villain in MineCraft – the Creeper. “Blowing up – blocks blocks blocks blocks blocks!”

Jan 17 2013
Least Anticipated Releases of 2013 3,127 VIEWS

Least Anticipated Releases of 2013

GameStain steals an exclusive peek at the NEW games dropping in 2013, both imagined and terrifyingly real. From Walking Dead to Honey Boo-Boo Racer, brace yourself for an onslaught of soul-bending pop-culture mayhem.

Jan 10 2013
DMC: Devil May Cry 3,791 VIEWS

DMC: Devil May Cry

GameStain sneaks an advanced look at the super-stylized killing madness of the new DmC: Devil May Cry. WARNING: Dante may appear in hot-pants and is likely to tap-dance.

Jan 3 2013
Halo 4 10,697 VIEWS

Halo 4

GameStain reflects on the latest in the Halo mega-franchise, Forward Unto Dawn. SPOILER: Master Chief gets twerking love from uber-hot Cortana, who puts the Hoe in Hoe-logram.

Dec 27 2012
Year In Games 2012 2,168 VIEWS

Year In Games 2012

GameStain reviews the most beloved and hated games plus news from the non-humanity-ending year that was 2012. Suit up for a heart wrenching and douche inducing assault on your senses!