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Aug 26 2014
Ghost Doctors (Ep #7) 183 VIEWS

Ghost Doctors (Ep #7)

James and James use their ghost doctor skills to cure a ghost.

Aug 21 2014
The Line – Episode 1 – Plane Driver 111 VIEWS

The Line – Episode 1 – Plane Driver

A disgraced ex-cop is forced to seek employment at his local airport as a security agent, joining a team misfits, degenerates, and straight up morons.

Aug 12 2014
Terrorists (Ep #6) 200 VIEWS

Terrorists (Ep #6)

James and James have to doctor negotiate with terrorists.

Aug 5 2014
Racist Mario 132 VIEWS

Racist Mario

The Mushroom Kingdom will never be the same…

Jul 22 2014
Tall Dark & Handsy – Mutant Hipsters 95 VIEWS

Tall Dark & Handsy – Mutant Hipsters

A legendary cowboy from the past has time-traveled to the present day to help some scientists defeat a flock of mutant hipsters.

Jul 22 2014
Johnny Ryan’s PRISON PIT – Launching July 24th 190 VIEWS

Johnny Ryan’s PRISON PIT – Launching July 24th

Johnny Ryan’s PRISON PIT is an animated adaptation of PRISON PIT: BOOK ONE, Ryan’s acclaimed graphic novel about monster men beating the living crap out of each other. The voice cast includes comedians James Adomian (Comedy Bang Bang) as Cannibal Fuckface, Blake Anderson (Workaholics) as Jizzra, Kyle Kinane (Comedy Central Presents) in dual roles as Rabies Bloodbath and Rottweiler Herpes and the great Rick Shapiro (Lucky Louie) as the Prison Guards.

Jun 30 2014
Toni P 986 VIEWS
Jun 18 2014
Happy Birthdump 62,582 VIEWS

Happy Birthdump

Red and Blue get terrible food poisoning from their favorite Mexican restaurant. It’s a race to see if they can get to a toilet before shit literally hits the fan.

Jun 12 2014
Don’t Feed The Humans – Mating Day 1,087 VIEWS

Don’t Feed The Humans – Mating Day

The alien zookeepers want the humans to put on a mating display to bring in more revenue… and most of them aren’t happy about it.

May 29 2014
Chick Figures 73,633 VIEWS

Chick Figures

In this gender-bending episode, all the characters switch their sexual orientation.
Red becomes a girl named Scarlet. Blue becomes Lavender. You get the picture. Our two heroines travel to a house party in hopes of finally…
making loooooveeeee…

May 15 2014
Cars 4 VIEWS
May 14 2014
Trash God 41,791 VIEWS

Trash God

While trying to rid their apartment of an ant infestation, Red and Blue are shrunk down to insect-size! The ants revere Red as their “Trash God” because of how dirty he is. Ant-hilarity ensues.