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Episodes - Season 4

Jan 16 2014
Camp Pokeneyeout 75,664 VIEWS

Camp Pokeneyeout

The gang goes to summer camp and end up having a sling-shot fight. Apparently, sticks and stones DO break bones!

Jan 7 2014
Spare Tire 83,937 VIEWS

Spare Tire

Mole hits the road and drives around the countryside. Unfortunately, he punctures his tire and gets a flat, leaving fire and destruction in his wake.

Oct 3 2013
Pet Peeve 89,216 VIEWS

Pet Peeve

Enjoy this episode with some very special guests from our Video Bomb contest!

Aug 21 2013
Buns Of Steal 92,884 VIEWS

Buns Of Steal

Hold on to your buns! Lifty & Shifty try to pull off a daring, daylight heist on Mole’s baked goods truck. Watch this episode… then watch your carbs!

Jul 18 2013
All Work And No Play 105,451 VIEWS

All Work And No Play

Nutty, Sniffles and Lammy discover an old, broken down playground being demolished by Lumpy. Wackiness (and injuries) ensue as the kids hurt themselves on the dangerous equipment and Lumpy tries to lend a hand.

Jun 14 2013
You’re Kraken Me Up 118,598 VIEWS

You’re Kraken Me Up

Russell serenades Giggles on a boat ride. We find out just how much of a sucker for love he truly is. Meanwhile, Lumpy fulfills his lifeguard duties and jumps in at the first sign of danger. Will he get sucked into trouble too?

The new season of Happy Tree Friends officially kicks into high gear! Expect more episodes, games and even some NEW surprises! Stay tuned…