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Episodes - Season 3

Mar 29 2013
By The Seat Of Your Pants 156,012 VIEWS

By The Seat Of Your Pants

Lumpy has Flippy over to watch a swimming competition on T.V. but is caught with his pants down. It’s sink or swim time as Lumpy tries to keep one step ahead of Flippy. Which one of them is going to get caught “underwear”?

Dec 20 2012
No Time Like the Present 146,241 VIEWS

No Time Like the Present

It wouldn’t be Christmas without a season themed episode! Happy Holidays!

Nov 21 2012
Bottled Up 196,719 VIEWS

Bottled Up

All the fun of a “Ship in a Bottle”, only less time consuming and (arguably) messier!

Oct 19 2012
All in Vein 141,834 VIEWS

All in Vein

In the still of the night your deepest, darkest nightmares arise! A tale so chilling it will turn your blood cold! Beware the horror of “All In Vein!

Oct 3 2012
Breaking Wind 170,072 VIEWS

Breaking Wind

There’s a bad wind blowing into town and it’s up to Splendid to rise to the occasion.

Aug 2 2012
Random Acts of Silence 288,705 VIEWS

Random Acts of Silence

Don’t forget to be quiet in the library. When Flippy is the librarian, it might save your life.

Mar 23 2012
Chokes on You 73,823 VIEWS

Chokes on You

Mole and Lumpy put the “doh” back in “doughnuts” as they work their shift at the coffee shop. Watch it now ‘cause just like doughnuts, they’re bad for you but you just can’t help yourself!

Oct 19 2009
Without a Hitch 43,867 VIEWS

Without a Hitch

On a dark and lonely night, Flaky comes across Flippy, an unassuming hitchhiker. Will her imagination get the best of her or will Flippy?

Jul 20 2009
Wrath of the Con 21,133 VIEWS

Wrath of the Con

Nerds unite! A trek to the comic book convention to meet their hero leaves them breathless.