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Apr 11 2014
Suck It Up Blurb 81,274 VIEWS

Suck It Up Blurb

Join Sniffles as he kicks SPRING CLEANING up a notch to the cyber level and see if we can keep the commentary clean in this new BLURB version of “Suck It Up!” How many jokes will suck? Vacuum it up now and decide for yourself.

Sep 13 2013
I Nub You Blurb 44,414 VIEWS

I Nub You Blurb

Find out how many puns we can make in this Blurb episode! Spoilers; the answer is A LOT!

Feb 8 2013
Take a Hike Blurb 66,865 VIEWS

Take a Hike Blurb

Fans voted for a “Take A Hike” Blurb and we deliver! Blurb tags along with the gang as they go hiking out in the wilderness. What could go wrong?

Jan 9 2013
The Way You Make Me Wheel Blurb 96,732 VIEWS

The Way You Make Me Wheel Blurb

Comedy Robot is back and better than ever! It received a recent upgrade and is now maximized for total, unyielding comedy. Prepare your ports for hilarity download…

Jan 29 2010
Blind Date – Blurb 10,572 VIEWS

Blind Date – Blurb

When the Mole puts the moves on, everyone gets blinded by love!

Jan 5 2010
We’re Scrooged – Blurb 8,061 VIEWS

We’re Scrooged – Blurb

Blurb strikes again! Cozy up next to a warm fire with a cup of hot coco and enjoy more crazy factoids, random musings and insane chatter about everything and anything all while watching a classic holiday episode!

Dec 11 2009
Class Act – Blurb 9,784 VIEWS

Class Act – Blurb

Its the timless holiday classic, BLURBED! With the BLURB version you get all the usual blood and gore with the added bonus of behind the scenes snippets, fun factoids and mindless musings along the way to enhance your episodic experience!

May 4 2003
Shard at Work Blurb 63,957 VIEWS

Shard at Work Blurb

Find out how many beavers it takes to change a light bulb as well as other fun facts in this Happy Tree Friends – Blurb episode! Well, “facts” is a strong word. How about we say “text” instead. Yeah, that’s more “textual.”