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Apr 11 2014
Suck It Up Blurb 70,358 VIEWS

Suck It Up Blurb

Join Sniffles as he kicks SPRING CLEANING up a notch to the cyber level and see if we can keep the commentary clean in this new BLURB version of “Suck It Up!” How many jokes will suck? Vacuum it up now and decide for yourself.

Feb 24 2014
Kirby Krackle – Unlucky 38,870 VIEWS

Kirby Krackle – Unlucky

You’d think it would be easy to get lucky when you have two rabbit’s feet right?

Feb 20 2014
Dream Job Teaser 31,833 VIEWS

Dream Job Teaser

Our new episode “Dream Job” is arriving next week, but stick around this weekend for an extra surprise.

Oct 14 2013
A Vicious Cycle Teaser 35,758 VIEWS

A Vicious Cycle Teaser

ook over your shoulder, the new Halloween episode is almost upon you! The cycle begins on October 17th. Prepare yourself!

Sep 26 2013
Pet Peeve Teaser 23,887 VIEWS

Pet Peeve Teaser

Get ready for a BRAND NEW episode! Find out what Sniffles cooks up this time. It will be shocking! Also, keep your peepers peeled for Truffle’s Video Bomb winners!

Sep 13 2013
I Nub You Blurb 41,982 VIEWS

I Nub You Blurb

Find out how many puns we can make in this Blurb episode! Spoilers; the answer is A LOT!

Sep 4 2013
Cubtron Z Teaser 16,647 VIEWS

Cubtron Z Teaser

Coming soon to the internet near you! A very special episode by guest Director, Rob Shaw. It’s 2D in 3D! We’ve already blown your mind!

Jun 10 2013
You’re Kraken Me Up Teaser 37,971 VIEWS

You’re Kraken Me Up Teaser

Just in time to cure your summer blues, “You’re Kraken Me Up” rises from the depths of the ocean. One thing is for sure, we can guarantee that it will suck!

You might be wondering, “hey, what happened to the ‘Buns Of Steal’ episode or the ‘Run & Bun’ game?” Don’t worry, they’re both still cookin’ away on the burner. We want to make sure they’re all done before they’re released. So, in the meantime, there’s ANOTHER new episode to look forward to! It’s win-win!!!

May 6 2013
Run & Bun / Buns Of Steal Teaser 80,239 VIEWS

Run & Bun / Buns Of Steal Teaser

Do you like big buns and cannot lie? Are you a “gluten” for punishment? Then get ready for the NEW HTF “Run & Bun” game and the NEW, tie-in episode, “Buns Of Steal!”

Mar 27 2013
By The Seat Of Your Pants Teaser 60,984 VIEWS

By The Seat Of Your Pants Teaser

Just when you thought it was safe to go back into the water, a new trailer reminds you why you’re hydrophobic! The newest Happy Tree Friend episode, “By The Seat Of Your Pants” episode coming soon… like tomorrow or Friday.