Jun 25 2014
Crack-Duck Dress Up 1,220 PLAYS

Crack-Duck Dress Up


Crack-Duck is having a hard time figuring out who he is. Can you help him?

Aug 21 2013
Run and Bun 205,539 PLAYS

Run and Bun

Happy Tree FriendsHappy Tree Friends

Lifty & Shifty have stolen Mole’s freshly baked buns and it’s up to the Happy Tree Friends gang to help get them back! Collect as many buns as you can while avoiding dangerous obstacles along the way.

May 20 2013
Twin Shot 2 7,836 PLAYS

Twin Shot 2


Play as the cutest cupid of all time as you take down an army of adorable creatures. Play solo, or team up with a buddy!

May 17 2013
One Button Bob 5,315 PLAYS

One Button Bob


Want to play a game but you only have one hand available? Then take this opportunity to explore the evil temple and traverse it’s various traps and monsters that lurk within.

May 15 2013
Anti Pacman 10,357 PLAYS

Anti Pacman


Pacman’s a jerk. All he does is walk around and eat things. Take control if Inky, Blinky, Pinky and Clyde and take down the yellow menace!

May 13 2013
Feed the King 3,605 PLAYS

Feed the King


Create a tower of cake as high as the clouds and launch the king through it! This is the cutting edge in cake-eating technology.

Apr 30 2013
10800 Zombies 5,402 PLAYS

10800 Zombies


Grab your gun and explore a dark underground labyrinth filled to the brim with the undead. Will you bite the dust before you find the exit?

Mar 26 2013
Jacksmith 4,836 PLAYS



Restaurant simulators are booooooring! Forget about waiting tables and get ready to run your own weapon cart! As a blacksmith you’ll forge swords, shields and spears!

Mar 22 2013
Abobos Big Adventure 5,278 PLAYS

Abobos Big Adventure


Punch, shoot and lick(?) your way through a bunch of NES goodness! From Double Dragon to Legend of Zelda, each level is a unique experience based of old-school classics.

Jan 18 2013
Stay On Target 151,727 PLAYS

Stay On Target

Happy Tree FriendsHappy Tree Friends

Take a spin with Petunia, Giggles or Lammy on the wheel of misfortune! Do you have what it takes to hit the mark?

Jan 11 2013
Billy Bob’s Bash 8,344 PLAYS

Billy Bob’s Bash

Trailer TrashTrailer Trash

Hit Lite Beer as far as you can! Use your favorite characters from Trailer Trash: Billy Bob, Cooter and Peggy Sue! Collect beers along the way and impress the Trailer Trash judges and your friends with the furthest distance!

Dec 6 2012
War Soldiers Weapon Trials: The S.L.I.N.G 27,074 PLAYS

War Soldiers Weapon Trials: The S.L.I.N.G

Game Program AttackGame Program Attack

ATTENTION COMMANDER BEAN: You are hereby assigned to field test the new Stretch Launch Immobile Neutralizing Gun, codenamed: S.L.I.N.G. The beauty of the S.L.I.N.G. prototype is that even a bird-brained organism is capable of
its operation.

– War Soldier HQ

Nov 2 2012
Candy Cave 199,765 PLAYS

Candy Cave

Happy Tree FriendsHappy Tree Friends

Feed Nutty’s candy cave by having him grab candy in a cave! Enable his addiction now!

Jul 11 2012
Strandead 394,654 PLAYS


Happy Tree FriendsHappy Tree Friends

It takes guts to play Strandead the new Happy Tree Friends HTML5 game! Do you have what it takes?

Feb 17 2010
On Thin Ice 137,994 PLAYS

On Thin Ice

Happy Tree FriendsHappy Tree Friends

Russell’s ship has wrecked and now a giant squid is hoping to make a savory snack out of him! Help Russell drop chucks of ice to skewer the sea monster instead. You’ll have to keep a cool head though, because it’s a good game of wits that will keep him out of Davie Jones’ lunch locker and turn that monster into squid-kabob.

Dec 22 2009
Aim to Freeze 122,368 PLAYS

Aim to Freeze

Happy Tree FriendsHappy Tree Friends

Have a ball escalating the arms race in this cold war. Show “snow” mercy because revenge is a game best served cold!

Aug 17 2009
Milk Pong 120,945 PLAYS

Milk Pong

Happy Tree FriendsHappy Tree Friends

It’s time to play Milk Pong! Make Lumpy drink by getting your ball in the cup! (And get your “Milk” ready so you can drink along)

Apr 1 2009
Going Overboard 59,126 PLAYS

Going Overboard

Happy Tree FriendsHappy Tree Friends

Avast, Mateys! The Happy Tree Friends have been forced to abandon ship over dangerous waters while sailing the high seas.