Games / arcade

Aug 21 2013
Run and Bun 179,345 PLAYS

Run and Bun

Lifty & Shifty have stolen Mole’s freshly baked buns and it’s up to the Happy Tree Friends gang to help get them back! Collect as many buns as you can while avoiding dangerous obstacles along the way.

Jan 18 2013
Stay On Target 133,134 PLAYS

Stay On Target

Take a spin with Petunia, Giggles or Lammy on the wheel of misfortune! Do you have what it takes to hit the mark?

Nov 2 2012
Candy Cave 180,763 PLAYS

Candy Cave

Feed Nutty’s candy cave by having him grab candy in a cave! Enable his addiction now!

Jul 11 2012
Strandead 374,954 PLAYS


It takes guts to play Strandead the new Happy Tree Friends HTML5 game! Do you have what it takes?

Feb 17 2010
On Thin Ice 127,042 PLAYS

On Thin Ice

Russell’s ship has wrecked and now a giant squid is hoping to make a savory snack out of him! Help Russell drop chucks of ice to skewer the sea monster instead. You’ll have to keep a cool head though, because it’s a good game of wits that will keep him out of Davie Jones’ lunch locker and turn that monster into squid-kabob.

Dec 22 2009
Aim to Freeze 110,929 PLAYS

Aim to Freeze

Have a ball escalating the arms race in this cold war. Show “snow” mercy because revenge is a game best served cold!

Aug 17 2009
Milk Pong 106,077 PLAYS

Milk Pong

It’s time to play Milk Pong! Make Lumpy drink by getting your ball in the cup! (And get your “Milk” ready so you can drink along)

Apr 1 2009
Going Overboard 53,170 PLAYS

Going Overboard

Avast, Mateys! The Happy Tree Friends have been forced to abandon ship over dangerous waters while sailing the high seas.

Apr 1 2009
Hot Potato 81,726 PLAYS

Hot Potato

It’s a pot-luck party and everyone’s decided to bring something to share! Flippy has shown up with the baked potatoes… only he’s made his own bombastic substitutions to the recipe.

Apr 1 2009
Sugar High 58,400 PLAYS

Sugar High

It’s Nutty’s dream come true! There’s been an accident at the nearby candy factory exposing the delicious sweets inside. All the hungry birds are swooping in and taking all the candy.

Apr 1 2009


The Amazing Lumpy is performing his death-defying, high wire act to thrill and delight his audience. Unfortunately, Lumpy’s act didn’t include bad weather.

Apr 1 2009
Disco Inferno 46,248 PLAYS

Disco Inferno

Disco Bear sure does love to shake his groove thang! Strut Disco-Bear around and catch the cool beats. Beware the broken, flaming notes. Try to be king of the dance floor before your time on stage is up!

Apr 1 2009
Fire Escape 94,066 PLAYS

Fire Escape

It’s a five-alarm fire and there’s nobody but Flaky to help the trapped victims get out of the burning building safely.

Apr 1 2009
Socks To Be You 58,422 PLAYS

Socks To Be You

It’s Laundry day and Petunia’s Obsessive-compulsive disorder has gotten the best of her. Can you help her get through her episode before she completely loses it?

Nov 24 2008
Hare Trigger 65,930 PLAYS

Hare Trigger

Do you have a short fuse? Play the game and have a blast with Cuddles, the high flying hare-ball!