Jun 26 2013

Sneak Peek: All Work And No Play

by kylenavarro

I’ve got some good news and some bad news. Good news is that a new episode called “All Work and No Play” is on it’s way. The bad news is that the sandwich I was planning on eating for lunch has mysteriously disappeared. Something tells me Kenn Navarro, Warren Graff and Ken Pontac have something to do with this. Those Happy Tree Friends writers are a vicious group– always laughing from the writing room demanding sacrifices and chicken blood. I asked them if they knew the whereabouts of my meal, but all I got were these images from the new episode. Maybe this is some sort of elaborate treasure hunt and these images are filled with clues! Let’s sit down and figure out what’s going on in this episode.

First of all, I’ve got to hand it to Lumpy for wearing the proper head-wear. That’s the face of a responsible moose. After all, who better to operate heavy-machinery than Lumpy?

Heeeeey, this looks familiar…
Maybe Lumpy is trying to get rid of this hunk of junk. Unless he was the one responsible for all that damage. If that’s the case, Lumpy somehow gained the ability to make spiderwebs. I smell a new series coming on!

Woah! Wait a minute, do you guys see that?! Is that… It is!
Purple planks of wood! Come on, guys. Who’s ever heard of a purple tree? Pffft. Way to ruin the realistic tone of this show. Or maybe my hunger is totally messing up my vision.

Three images later and I’m still no closer to finding out where my sandwich is. All I got were pictures of broken playground equipment, tools and a construction site. Hold on, maybe those are clues… While I try to figure this out, I want you guys to post in the comments below on what you think is going on.



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  • Alex says:

    when i fell back to sleep i had a dream about christmas staring l is for lumpy f is for filppy featuring cuddles nutty handy mime giggles flaky and splendid santa lumpy comes to filppy house put them under the tree but breaks something flippy wakes up and filps out he tries to kill lumpy but lumpy smashed the plate on his face and they run out outside splendid is flying around sees them puts lazer vison in the middle of them lumpy is happy filppy is mad splendid goes up to them filppy cuts his eyes out now filppy is happy lumpy is scared he runs away but filppy chases him in nuttys house nutty eats all of the cookies witch is bad news to lumpy get it? they come in and before impaling lumpy with a pole filppy gets nutty and skins him alive lumpy takes this chance and runs away but filppy catches him and theres a KNOCK!!! giggles and cuddles are singing oh christmas tree just them because lumpy has to go somewhere every christmas eve night and toothy was sheredded he cuts giggles in half and puts cuddles in a fish tank and locks it thus he drowns flakys house was just bombed so she asked if she could stay there tonight on the phone nutty said yes he called handy about a leak in the kitchen and called mime for excitment they all came at the same time filppy grabs mime and chops his head off handy runs away filppy takes all flakys quills and impaled them into handy flaky is choked by filppy filppy impales lumpy into the pole but it filngs filppy into the fire no alive people GASP!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Vale Vale says:

    Well….I think Lumpy will work as a builder…and I think he’ll kill Handy, I don’t know why XD

    Good luck to find your sandwich!

  • Alex says:

    i had a dream i made my own episode with no title l is for lumpy s is for splendid featuring cuddles giggles handy toothy petunia flippy lifty and shifty at a arcade witch is also a pizza place cuddles giggles handy petunia are on double date lumpy takes their order in the kitchen lumpy falls a sleep while all the soss falls on the pizza meanwhile splendid enjoying his day off plays whack a mole lumpy wakes up gives the pizza to them cuddles eats the pizza the soss melts his face and before his death kicks the table the whole pizza fly on handy face melting it petunia and giggles fly around the place and land on whack a mole splendid with his eyes closed whacked them to death seeing blood all over he thinks its broken and he leaves the game filppy comes over to whack a mole picks up the hammer and it hits his face killing him splendid plays call of duty for the rest of the day at the end of the day toothy who owns the place tells lumpy to lock the bathroom as toothy leaves the door malfunictions and cuts him in half splendid leaves call of duty to go to the bathroom but right after he go in lumpy does not check for people and locks it but it breaks and lands in his eye killing him lifty and shifty are also in the bathroom kyropnut comes out of lifty urnial they use it and splendid dies they try to get out but the door falls on them killing them i woke up

  • Alex says:

    its going to be like this l is for lumpy featuring genric tree friends this episode takes place after spin fun knowin ya lumpy was walking away when he wanted to play on it but he fell in mud he still jumped on but it broke he saw a construction truck he went in and tried to move it but did not get it right on his lunch break he ate a sandwich he fixed it right and cleaned it but it fell back down he glued it but it fell back down he was about to give up but saw genric tree friends watching him so he called real workers and did magic tricks on the friends they fixed it but the cops aressted lumpy for impersonating a construction worker his antler got stuck in a tree and it fell off at jail they wanted him to get in the jail cell but he did not so they whacked him in they arm with the belt falling off and he 5 hours later died of blood died

  • Detective Detective says:

    This certainly looks interesting. I can’t imagine the havoc of organs and blood when Lumpy gets his hands on tools and a digger.

    Could it be possible that Lumpy has somehow gained the power of interdimensional teleportation and has stolen your sandwich? Or he has probably been a greedy son of a bitch and sneaked out of the animation screen and took hold of it? Nobody really knows.

    Also, what’s up with Lumpy being on a streak? He has starred in all 3 of the newest episodes (By The Seat of Your Pants, You’re Kraken Me Up, All Work and No Play).

  • Guys, Buns of Steal isn’t coming out until the game is finshed. Thats what I heard on Facebook. … you fucktards are lucky they aren’t making you wait until Buns of Steal comes out.

  • One word advised… Put Lammy in this episode and while your there, I haven’t seen her die on Happy Tree Friends. It would also be good if there was a scene of DB and Lammy dating. Then, Lumpy accidently kills both of them. #HTF

  • maira4981 maira4981 says:

    Hmmmmm I Smell a brand New Spine off series , if there dong an anime series that’s based on the htf Series then i,m all ear’s

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