Oct 17 2012

Sneak Peek: All In Vein

by warrengraff

I hope you’re sitting down, because there’s a new episode coming out VERY soon! Now, I know what you’re thinking. “Dude, Warren, you guys JUST put out an episode less than a month ago. You guys never put one out this fast!” I know, right? We always take our sweet time and torture you guys, but this month is different. It’s almost Halloween and we want to make sure we give you a GREAT Halloween episode…or at least an “OK” Halloween episode…well, basically we want to make sure we give you a Halloween episode…OK fine, the truth is they’re making us do it. There, are you happy now?

As usual, I don’t remember the episode. This time my memory is clouded by all the pre-Halloween candy I’ve been eating. I’m pretty sure at this point my body is 70% caramel. Let’s all take a look at these screen shots and try and figure out what’s going on in the episode.

Looks like Lumpy is having a hard time sleeping. I think he needs some curtains or something to keep the moon light out. Maybe we should have called this episode, “It’s Curtains For You!” HA! That’s hilarious! I’m hilarious! Wait, is he in a castle?

Here I’m going to assume that Mole is delivering the curtains. I wonder if it’s too late to change the title. There’s something different about Lumpy, but I can’t quite put my finger on it.  Also, Lumpy is for sure living in a castle. Most homes don’t have that many torches on the wall.

Here’s a little Happy Tree Friends writing trick. If you want an easy episode, put Mole behind the wheel of a car. The rest of the episode will write itself. Seriously, I hope it wrote itself, because we didn’t do it. We were gorging ourselves on candy and trying to find a curtain store that was open 24 hours. Sadly, there aren’t as many as you’d think.



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  • helen4love says:

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  • Cheska Cheska says:

    I think lumpy should sleep inside the coffin beacause he is avapire DUH!!!!!!!!!!!!comon sense just kidding you all!!!!!!!

  • abgrenv says:

    wow great a new episode!!!! i’m really waiting for it, i will have my german advanced level finals next week on Wednesday so I’ll be happy to get some good news afterwords :D

    anyway since this 2012 end of the world bullshit is so popular I wonder if they’ll make an episode with that theme

  • Mirai Mirai says:

    And where are Shifty and Lifty? I miss them… And I’m not the only one! :p

    Can’t wait to see this episode “Halloween”! ^o^

  • maira4981 maira4981 says:

    Awesome oh and Buy the way i wonder if you guy’s can make an Thanksgiving Episode And i,m Guessing That it well be Lifty and Shifty Who was trying to Take the Big fat Turkey buy become an Turkey hunter .

  • Dong Jun says:

    umm.. wait… then you guys didn’t make that by only yourself? is there any help from someone for making that? Eo… because of i saw some of speeches at last article below and i notice that.

  • Perry Perry says:

    I Got it…..wait i lost it…..Got it..nope lost it a GOT I no…………OH I GET IT KNOW LUMPY”S A WEREWOLF!……wait I mean Vampire…….

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