Mar 1 2013

May I Present To You, Sir Fan-Art Friday IX

by mondo

Lords and fair maidens of the Mondo kingdom! May I present, in all it’s Majesty, Sir Fan-Art Friday IX. Bring forth the celebratory mutton and wine!

When it comes to pairings, we see Pumkin and Squib might be the most popular couple, aside from Flippy and Flakey (but we’re not going to talk about that). We especially dig the way Beverly-chan did all the shading. Nice work!

Shi Vita sent us this drawing of the Happy Tree Friends cast if they were more in touch with their animal side. However, Disco Bear looks like he’s ready to PARTY.

Speaking of realistic Happy Tree Friends, stumbled upon this picture of Splendid around the internet. We have no idea who made this, but if anyone knows please let us know so we can give him/her credit for it!

There are two things our fanbase loves, it’s anime Flaky and massive dandruff flakes. Special thanks to Yumini for this!

We love the style in this picture. Especially with the eyes! Credit goes to xshinolovebugx.

Happy Tree Friends? Check. Watermelon? Check. Cuteness to the max? Check!
You can now thank April Roche for going “d’awwww”.

Mizudokei has perfectly captured the relaxing life of Buddhist Monkey. Saying simple prayer before eating a nice warm lunch during spring underneath a beautiful cherry blossom tre-LOOK OUT BEHIND YOU! N-N-NINJAS!

This last one comes from Gashi-gashi. We love the art style and the manga-cover format of it all! Also, flying Nutty should totally be the new Nyan Cat.

That’s about it for this week. Thanks again to all the fans and, as always, you can always submit your own work here!



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  • Elektro2010 Elektro2010 says:

    I wonder why my works never make it to Fanart Friday, other than that, every one of them that did make it do in fact look great.

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