Nov 8 2012

Happy Tree Friends Forum!

by warrengraff

Hey Everybody!

It’s your old buddy and Happy Tree Friends writer, Warren. I just wanted to let everybody know about some BIG changes going on!

We figured now that we have a really great website we should host the forums here.

Check it out!

All the good stuff is hosted here. That includes the writer Q&A, episode discussions, character discussions, and so on.

Check out the WRITER Q&A!

Wait. Wait. But what about pictures?
Don’t worry. The new forums will allow you to post links to images and video, so you can still post your fan art and OC’s in the Sharing Tree. You simply upload them somewhere else (deviant art, imgur, flickr, etc.) and then post a link. Not a problem.

What are you waiting for?
Check it out, kick the tires, and talk about Happy Tree Friends. I’ll be there…probably in the corner, too embarrassed to talk to anybody….. But, either way, stop by and say hi!





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