Jan 4 2013

First Fan Art Friday!

by mondo

Welcome Mondo fans to the first installment of Fan Art Friday! Every week we’ll post a handful of our favorite works of art.

Aranza Arenas sent us this awesome cut-out art! Gotta love how Handy is stuck to Flaky’s spines.

Everyone here absolutely loves this sculpture! It even has the little stitches on the heart. We tip our hats to Patricia Lopez for doing such an awesome job

We would like to take a minute to thank Keith Luna for giving everyone here at Mondo diabetes. D’aawwwwww, look at her! She’s so cute.

Special thanks to Sören Kättker showing us this boxy Russell!

Kudos to Rebekah Tifft for this adorable Cuddles picture. Also, the name of the picture is “Bouncy Parties and Friends”.

John Van Der Steen sent us this nipple-tastic piece featuring the mighty Gundarr and Toddy the Body. Careful with those chest-knives, Gundarr. You could poke an eye out with those things!

Remember in Double Whammy when Flippy has tea with those penguins? Banami Luv remembers! Great use of colors in this one!

Sometimes, the critters like to kick it and hang out. Hopefully they don’t operate any heavy machinery afterward or bad things could happen. On second thought, something bad will probably happen anyway. Thanks, Alex Berlin!

Ever want to see sexy Petunia? Now you have Luis Diaz to thank for that.

We never thought about characters this way. Quite a unique art style this artist has. When we found it, we couldn’t stop laughing. Such a wonderful scene we would like to actually include in our show! Thank you for the input, TheFanWhoSpeaksForEveryone! Don’t forget you can always leave suggestions in the comments section or on the forums!

Thank you to everyone who submitted their art this week! Do you have art of Happy Tree Friends, Gundarr, Dick Figures or any other Mondo show? We’d love to see it! Click here if you want to submit your own entry. Be sure to check back every Friday for more fanart!



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