Oct 8 2012

FAQ you!

by kennnavarro

Hey, gang! Kenn Navarro here, one of the creators of your favorite show, Happy Tree Friends! ‘Cmon, admit it, you love our show. Don’t worry, it loves you even if you don’t. It’s psychotic like that.


Anyway, we constantly get questions from you guys about the show. Questions like, “Is Flaky a boy or a girl?” Or, “Hey, did you happen to see my pen? I could have sworn I had it on me a minute ago.” While we try and answer as many questions as we can we also get a lot of repeat questions (We’ve told you a hundred times, the pen is lodged between the cushions of your couch! It’s either there or behind your ear… or in the office supply store). So, in an effort to make this process a little easier, writer and turkey sandwich connoisseur, Warren Graff and I have complied a list of Frequently Asked Questions (or F.A.Q. It’s funnier to say it that way!) relating to your favorite show, Dick Fig… er, I mean Happy Tree Friends!

Click on this link and be magically warped to a static page with text and no images! I know, it’s blowing your mind.

When you’re done with that, you can check out the FAQ for your second favorite show, Dick Figures here. But immediately come back and read our FAQ again ‘cause we’re insecure like that. We know that those guys have lean, sexy, colored lines and we might have grown old and gained some weight… but you still love us, right? RIGHT???


In any case, keep checking for more FAQ updates from other show creators. Personally, I’m looking forward to knowing where Turbo Fantasy gets his hair done! That is one SWEET looking mane!



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  • LegoLachie says:

    hey Kenn so im A HUGE FRICKIN FAN OF H.T.F! AND I WAS WONDERING..can you make a babysitting episode starring…”the cutest character” and “the shitty dad” and “the shy hedgehog” with the episode title saying “babysitter blues” featuring Flippy Giggles Cuddles and Sniffles? PLEEEAAAASSEE?

  • helen4love says:

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  • calmansi says:

    I discovered Happy Tree Friends via YouTube’s Copyright School. Perhaps you could add something about the making of this video in the FAQ? I.e. what kind of collaboration there was between you and YT in making the general storyline and the audio comment, whose idea it was to have Fair Use explained so fast? And to have Russell sunk at the end?
    I really like that: the first surface message of the video is, “Respect copyright law or else”. But the second, implicit – and therefore much stronger – message is: “Copyright law is an inextricable tangle, fair use is incomprehensible, and no matter how much you strive to do everything right, the copyright champions will get your hide. Sorry about that, but that’s why we’re offering you this copyright school second chance”.

  • One of my dreams is to work with you, but age does not tell me much … creative’m Happy tree friends since I see it and if they want a death, and I serve muajajajaja
    My name is Aranza and I am Arentina, and I hope to fulfill my dream.

  • Mararia Mararia says:

    Hello! Mararia My name, and I’m Spanish. I love Happy Tree Friends. I love to work in Happi Tree Friends, as an artist or as bending, is my dream, but I’m too young. I am writing in a translator, so I understand seguramante.

  • Max Max says:

    Welcome back to the WWW (Wonderful Wonderful Web) Kenn! Did you have fun cleaning all the cob-webs, cockroaches, and dead pets from you account?

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