Feb 8 2013

Fan Art Friday Episode Six: Return of the Jedi

by mondo

It’s time for your Favorite segment! My favorite segment! Everyone in the world’s favorite segment! It’s time for…

Real talk: Anime Flaky is the most adorable thing of all time. Just look at that adorable sweater and fuzzy hair/quills! Sometimes, we forget just how cute Happy Tree Friends can be. The blood and gore is a tad distracting. Props to MinyMints for this!

D’awwwwww! This Cub plush is just so cute! We just wanna squeeze it to death.
Imuya gets all the credit for this amazing plush!

Even though this technically isn’t fanart of any Mondo show, this outstanding piece Alex and Lindsay was just too awesome to pass up. Bonka-chan did one HELL of a job!

Oh my god! Nails, saws and knives falling out of the sky? It’s a good thing Handy wears a hardhat or he could get seriously hurt.
… Actually, something tells us that he’s going to get hurt anyway.
Thanks to Mizudokei for this!

The entire HTF cast on a raft in the middle of the ocean. What could possibly go wrong?
Thanks to Culu Bluebeaver for submitting this to us!

Let’s be honest. Normally people shy away from pictures on the internet that feature tentacles. Unless, you know, you’re into that stuff. We’re not judging. Well, Kikane manages to prove us wrong by drawing this adorable pic of Pumkin and Squib. Thanks a lot!

Gundarr and Toddy the Body papercraft? WHAT KIND OF WITCHCRAFT IS THIS?! We have to give a hand to Miran for making these kick-ass papercraft figures!

We here at Mondo love combining two awesome things to make something super awesome. Shivita is on the same page as us, because she created this awesome drawing of Amaterasu from Okami in the style of Happy Tree Friends! How much more awesome can this get?!

Once again, thanks to everyone for making such amazing works of art! Keep on watching, and as always you can submit your art here! See you next week, folks!



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  • Purplesky24 Purplesky24 says:

    This brilliant the anime of flaky not bad, and image 5 are all, well, almost all because lack cro-marmot and the last one that adorable Shivita! =)

  • XJhendry says:

    La de flaky quedo excelente, *-*), y el osito de peluche de cub tampoco esta mal, aunque uno de mime no estarĂ­a mal.

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