Apr 5 2013

By The Seat Of Your Pants Storyboards

by mondo

A few weeks ago, we posted a storyboard from the HTF episode “By The Seat of Your Pants”. Now that you’ve seen it (dozens of times) check out the entire episode in storyboard form!

Happy Tree Friends By The Seat Of Your Pants Storyboard 01


By The Seat Of Your Pants

By The Seat Of Your Pants



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  • Pir8Heart Pir8Heart says:

    Wait, that was a CHEESE SLICER? I’ve… never heard of one of those. The whole time I was like “Dat be a funny-lookin’ shavin’ razurr.” XD

  • Detective Detective says:

    In response to HailFlippy, there is absolutley nothing to be mad off Lumpy’s superior kill count. The reason being is that the writers have decided to keep Flippy off episodes, because his same MO is the following (and never changing):

    1) Find a source of causing him to trigger his PTSD (Post Traumatic Stress Disorder)

    2) Cause total chaos, including man-slaughter, dismemberment, evisceration and decapitation (along with seemingly impossible killing methods).

    3) Run off-screen to cause more chaos, episode ends.

    This following storyboard, if used often in episodes, will cause viewership to plumit because the audience will be obviously bored with the same modus operandi.

    TL;DR, Lumpy’s kills are much entertaining then Flippy’s, who has the same modus operandi every time he “flips out”.

  • I just have one simple question… why did you make Lumpy? No, answer me in
    e-mail “FlippyxFlaky.4EVR@gmail.com”. Not only am I mad that Lumpy has a higher Murder rate than Fliqpy, but now, he has gained the knowledge and ability to KILL many people’s favorite chaacter. I am truly upset about this situation, though By The SeatOf Your Pants is a very good episode. It’s high quality and detailed color and features attract many peoples attention.

  • FlakySmiler FlakySmiler says:

    Scene 87: “Flippy slides up and down on the pole (Not like a stripper, mind out of the gutter!)” HAHAHAHAHA I CAN’T STOP LAUGHING HAHAHA

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