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Mar 28 2014
Dick Figures Season 5 Soundtrack 1,683 VIEWS

Dick Figures Season 5 Soundtrack

Dropping a surprise music bomb on everyone today! Now that Dick Figures Season 5 is here, I’m making the full soundtrack available. 14 tracks featuring all new music from the fifth season, all for only 5 buckazoids. Click the links below to your preferred store, and you can also listen for free on Spotify. iTunes … Read More

Sep 24 2012
Girl For Your Girlfriend 481 VIEWS

Girl For Your Girlfriend

Click here to download the FREE DICK FIGURES SONG “Girl For Your Girlfriend” featuring Red!

Apr 17 2012
Static Magic (Instrumental Preview) 234 VIEWS

Static Magic (Instrumental Preview)

Check out a preview of the new song “Static Magic” by Nick Keller featured in the upcoming episode this thursday!

Apr 2 2012
Girl for Your Girlfriend 279 VIEWS

Girl for Your Girlfriend

Girl for your Girlfriend ft. Red & Blue! Can’t live without our new song, Girl for your Girlfriend? Need it RIGHT now? You’d kill for it? Well quit crying like a bitch and go get it from iTunes!