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Sep 18 2014
Dick Figures The Movie – Behind The Scenes Video

Dick Figures The Movie – Behind The Scenes

Dick Figures The MovieDick Figures The Movie

Dearest Madames, Monsieurs & Other Scoundrels,

Masters Ed Skudder and Zack Keller, in addition to the Venerable Cast and and Venereal Crew, wanted to express a sincere and heartfelt: UR AWESOME!!!!!!1!1!!1!!!! It was with your good-great sense of humor, inexhaustible YouTube clicks, and a few old fashioned American Dollars, that we were able to make our dreams, nay, our destinies a reality. What started as a simple animated show about two stick figure friend-enemies turned into an explosion-filled masterpiece that has just won BEST ANIMATED FEATURE at the International Festival Awards Berlin. Who’s not proud of who now, MOM?!?!??!?? Well, we’re certainly proud, and so should all of you guys (the fans!). And to show a tiny fraction of our gigantic thanks, we are releasing another DFTM Making Of Video on YouTube and have discounted DICK FIGURES THE MOVIE on GooglePlay to only $5.99! You all are entitled to this treasure, and endless bounties beyond for the rest of your mortal lives. We shall close with Lord Tourettes telling you how he feels from the bottom of his little green heart.

Lord Tourettes: “FUCK YOU! Oh! I mean THANK you all, and to all a goodnight. Happy one SHITPISSASS anniversary, everyone! Tee-hee!”

All of us on the Dick Figures team feel the same way and hope you will continue watching the show, the movie, and following Ed, Zack, Red and Blue wherever their animated adventures may take them.

sincerely your best friends 4ever,
Ed Skudder & Zack Keller